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Welcome to the Learning Center, where you can find videos, articles and photographs documenting important people, places and events in Mohican history.  The Learning Center will be updated as more information becomes available, or as staff have time to research and prepare articles for publication.  Searching for something specific?  Give the search bar at the top of the page a try.


Captain Armstrong Chief of Greentown (1812)
Robert F. Bacher Nuclear physicist, one of primary heads of Manhattan Project (1942-1946).
Mabel Berra Singer and actress known as the "Venus of Vaudeville."
John P. Bowman Publisher of the Loudonville Democrat newspaper.
William Bowman Gunsmith, best known as apprentice of Peter Reinhard.
Louis Bromfield Pulitzer prize winning novelist, best-selling author and conservationist.
Curtis E. Budd
Superintendent of Loudonville Schools (1901-1929) and two-term Mayor of Loudonville.
Jonathan Chapman Folk hero known as "Johnny Appleseed"
Rev. James Copus Friend of Greentown natives and primary victim of the Copus massacre.
Thomas Coulter Founder of Perrysville and Justice of the Peace.
Jonathan Coulter Early settler in Perrysville and Justice of the Peace
Levitt E. Custer Dentist, inventor and hot-air balloon pilot during National Elimination Race (1912).
Mary O. Eddy Composer of folk music.
Charles I. Faddis Lt. Colonel in U.S. Expeditionary Forces and U.S. Representative (1933-1942).
Cleo Redd Fisher Co-Founder of Mohican Historical Society (1961) and namesake of CRF Museum.
Charles W. Follis First black professional football player and former Loudonville Walk-Overs star.
Danny Foster Antarctic explorer, first American to reach Vostok Station (1961-1962).
Joseph D. Jesensky Chief Architect of Mohican State Forest for Civilian Conservation Corps.
Charles F. Kettering Inventor of the Electric Starter, etc., Vice President of General Motors and philanthropist.
Thomas Lyons Lenape warrior and Greentown resident who participated in Wyoming Valley massacre.
Paul Lyons Settler in present-day Mohican State Forest, namesake of Lyons Falls.
Raymond F. McMullen
Superintendent of Loudonville Schools (1929-1959) and State Representative.
Charles Mowery Early automobile racer and original owner of Mowery Cider Mill.
Captain Pipe Leni Lenape Chief influential in the affairs of Greentown and Col. Crawford's capture.
James L. Priest Founder of Loudonville.
Martin Ruffner Early settler, victim of Zimmer massacre.
Peter A. Reinhard Gunsmith and nationally recognized marksman.
Americus V. Rice Brigadier General (1865) and long-serving U.S. Representative (1874-1897).
Rosella Rice Historian and nationally published Author.
J.C. Sample Professor and headmaster of Greentown Academy (1865-1895).
Jedediah S. Smith Explorer, frontiersman and cartographer best known for discovering the South Pass.
George H. Stewart Justice of the Peace credited with bringing railroad to Loudonville.
Jacob A. Stitzel Inventor of Patent Flour, Millwright at Northwestern Elevator & Grain Co.
William L. Strong Mayor of New York (1895-1897) known for defeating Tammany Hall.
Thomas C. Stouch Professional baseball player and manager known for discovering "Shoeless" Joe Jackson.
Augustus A. Taylor Owner of the Northwestern Elevator & Grain Co.
William H. Thompson U.S. Senator (1933-1934) for Nebraska and Nebraska Supreme Court Justice (1924-1931).
Sarah Copus Vail Survivor of Copus massacre, daughter of Rev. James Copus.
Paul Weirick Music composer best known for arranging music on the Lawrence Welk Show.
Hugo H. Young Inventor of the Flxible Side Car and Ohio Chamber of Commerce President.

Notable Topics

Corell Potato Chips Potato chip factory located in Loudonville.
Dad's Rootbeer Bottling and distribution of Dad's Root Beer, Grapette and other soft drinks.
The Flxible Company Manufacturer of motorcycle side cars, buses, ambulances, and funeral cars (1913-1996).
Flxible Fire Fire that destroyed part of Plant 1 of the Flxible (1947).
Islay's Ice cream and restaurant chain originally out of Mansfield, birthplace of Klondike bar.
Loudonville Street Fair Harvest celebration and street festival in Loudonville (1876-Present).
Madge Kinsey Players Traveling vaudeville troupe (1888-1964) partially based in Loudonville.
Ohio Theatre Movie theatre originally built as Loudonville Municipal Hall and Opera House (1909).
Skinner's Mill Flour mill built in 1818 that continued operation until 2019.  

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