Collections & Donations

The CRF Museum regularly accepts donations of artifacts, historic documents, photographs and other miscellanea that contribute to history of our area.  The Curator will review any items prior to acceptance by the museum, and all donors will be required to sign an accession record granting complete ownership of the item(s) to the CRF Museum.  Loans—unless of an extraordinary nature—will not be accepted.

Collection donations may be applicable for a tax deduction if accompanied by a recent appraisal.  Please note:  The CRF Museum does not hire appraisers.  The donor is solely responsible for having the item appraised.

Financial Contributions

As a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, the Mohican Historical Society relies on support through fundraisers, membership dues, grants and donations.  The CRF Museum and Mohican Historical Society is not government funded.  All financial contributions—unless repaid in services or goods—are eligible for a tax deduction.

All donations should be made to the Mohican Historical Society, and sent to the CRF Museum.  If the donation is intended for a specific purpose, please indicate so in the memo line.