Rental Policy

Conference Room

The conference room of the CRF Museum is available for rent to members of the Mohican Historical Society and to the public.  The facility includes a full kitchen, overhead A/V equipment, microphones and speaker, and tables and chairs.  Unless a tour of the museum is requested, the remainder of the museum will be locked off to bar access.

Cost for rental of the facility is $50 for the public.  Members of the Mohican Historical Society, in good standing for at least three (3) months prior to request, may have fee waived.  Please note that a $50 Security & Cleaning Deposit is required of all renters, refundable if facilities are left in good condition.

Anyone interested in reserving the space should review the museum’s Rental Policy terms and agreement.  Please note that the museum reserves the right to refuse the space without disclosure.

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Rental Policy and Application